Black Label Features

Why are Rover’s Black Label™ Softball pants so Extraordinary? We could go on for hours about why we think these are the best pants on the market today, but it really all boils down to the details that Rover focuses on, in order to give you the Best Fit, Best Quality, and Best Performance in Softball pants today. (By the way, you don’t have to listen to what we say — read our Testimonials and see what player’s like you have said…)


Rover’s Black Label™ Exceptional Comfort and Fit

Rover has one of the (if not THE) most comfortable fitting softball pants in the market due to our roomy, relaxed fit, open-bottom pant style, our high-quality elastic waistband, our dual-button cross-over snap with extended zipper, and strategically placed belt and tunnel loops.

  • Relaxed Fit: Our pants have a roomy, comfortable fit through the thighs and seat. (Baggy but not saggy…)
  • Open-Bottom Style: Rover’s pants are hemmed to go down over your turfs and cleats.
  • Highest Quality Elastic “no-roll” waistband available: it’s longer lasting, and holds better.
  • “No Rub” Flat Seams: Sewn so that you don’t have to feel the seams evey time you move.
  • Cross-Over Snaps: Dual snaps on a cross-over flap, add to a comfortable fit and prevent “gut rollover”.
  • Belt Loops and Tunnel Loops: three tunnel loops and front single loops keep your belt where it should be.
  • Sized Right: These are sized to your waist in inches — not vaguely sized in Small, Medium, etc.
  • Long or Longer: Rover stocks up to 37″ lengths (longer in custom) — so no “high-waters”.
Rover’s Black Label™ Top Quality Softball Pants

Rover gives you a flat-out, higher quality pant that way. At Rover, we don’t believe in compromise. So we won’t put out an inferior product, period. These pants are durable, made-to-last from Professional Grade materials identical to those used in MLB. That’s why the Black Labels are known for:

  • Rover Guarantees that the workmanship is solid or we’ll replace your pants.
  • Dual Pockets: All the Black Labels come with two pockets in the back.
  • Double-Sewn for strength: All seams are over-lock sewn, double-needle reinforced, cover-stitched.
  • Gusseted Crotch: Double-needle, cover-stitched, double-barred. We dare you to try to rip out a crotch.
  • Extended Zipper: most companies cut costs with a 7″ zipper, Black Label pants have a 9″ zipper.




Rover’s Black Label™
Professional Performance Softball Pants

Rover built the Black Label series with Performance in mind. Every little detail from the Full Knee, to the Ventilated Crotch, to the Lacing Eyelets was considered and perfected.

  • Super-Heavyweight Fabric: the optimal mix of Professional Durability and Breathability
  • No Shrink Sizing: Our performance poly will maintain size — not shrinkwrap to your thighs after a wash
  • Full Knee Protection: Most pants have a limited 18-in double knee, our double-knees go mid-thigh to hem.
  • Ventilated Crotch: Each Black Label has extra breathability built-in with “ventilation ports” in the crotch
  • Lacing Eyelets: Lace your pants down onto your turfs, so they stay down even when sliding.







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Full Dye Jerseys...................approx. 2-3 weeks
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Pants (depending on style)................... approx. 3 weeks
**In stock styles ship within 1-2 business days**
Shorts...................approx. 2-3 weeks
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