Men’s Pant Size Chart


The BEST WAY to get the right waist size for your softball pants is to take a pair of pants that fit like you want. Snap them closed, zip ’em up, lay them flat, and measure across the waist. Double it, and order that size.
Give yourself a little room based on how you like your pants to fit. We’ll make them to the exact size selected, within a small tolerance for sewing — so if your weight tends to fluctuate, take that into account.


Rover offers pants with a standard inseam, as shown below on the size charge. We also provide the option for you to customize your inseam for an additional fee. The BEST WAY to get the right inseam size for your softball pants is to take a pair of pants that fit like you want. Measure from the crotch to the end of the hem — keep in mind the “rise of the pant”. (This is how snug or loose the crotch fits — you may need to make some allowance depending on the rise.) If you want your pants to gather on top of your shoes — then adjust accordingly based on the style of pant that you are measuring.
As a reference point, we find that most players 5’10” tall, require a 31-33″ inseam depending on how they like their pants to “gather” on top of their cleats or turf shoes.

REMEMBER: These measurement guidelines are designed for the “average” player. If your body type is outside of the typical player’s, please adjust your measurements accordingly, to get a proper fit.

Youth Boy’s/Unisex Jersey Size Chart
Youth XS Youth SM Youth MD Youth LG Youth XL
Waist 21″-23″ 23″-25″ 25″-27″ 27″-29″ 29″-31″
Inseam 22″ 24″ 25″ 26″ 28″
Adult Men’s/Unisex Jersey Size Chart
Adult Sizes
Waist 28” 30″ 32″ 34″ 36″ 38″ 40″ 42″ 44″ 46″
Inseam 33” 33″ 35″ 35″  35″  35″  35″  35″  35″  35″

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Current Production Times

Full Dye Jerseys...................approx. 3 weeks
Full Dye Hoodies...................approx. 4 weeks
Pants (depending on style)................... approx. 3-4 weeks
**In stock styles ship within 1-2 business days**
Shorts...................approx. 3 weeks
Hats...................approx. 4 weeks
Please note that current production times are approximations. Deadlines are not guaranteed unless you are using our paid Rush Service. Please contact Rover Plus Nine at 817.562.5300 for more details.