Cage Jacket Add-Ons


Add On Cage Jacket Pricing is as follows:
2-3 Cage Jackets - $46.95 each

4-11 Cage Jackets - $43.95 each
12+ Cage Jackets - $39.95 each
Prices may vary based on Cage Jacket specifics.

Ordering Your Add On Cage Jackets

Placing an Add On order is easy with Rover! To place an order matching a previous set of Cage Jackets, follow the steps below and we'll be in touch.

Generally, within 1 business day we will contact you with a Preview Diagram that matches your original set and guide you through all the steps to help ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

HOW TO ORDER: 1) Place an order below & complete the check out process - you will not be charged until you confirm all details of your order.

2) Fill out your player size information (click here).

For orders of 3 or less please enter your player information in the “Questions and Comments” field below. For 4+, please use our size sheet.

Quantity Price
2 - 3 $46.95 ( Selling price )
4 - 11 $43.95 ( Selling price )

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(minimum qty 2)

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