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At Rover, we don't believe in compromise. So we won't put out an inferior product, even if that means it costs a little bit more to produce.

The Difference is in the Details

Rover built the Black Label series with Performance in mind. Scroll down to our "Key Features" to see all the craftsmanship that goes into our pants.
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Pant Key Features

Rover’s Black Label Custom Softball Pants

Why are Rover’s Black Label™ Softball pants so Extraordinary? We could go on for hours about why we think these are the best pants on the market today, but it really all boils down to the details that Rover focuses on, in order to give you the Best Fit, Best Quality, and Best Performance in Softball pants today. By the way, you don’t have to listen to what we say — read our Testimonials and see what players like you have said.

Rover’s Black Label™ Exceptional Comfort and Fit

Rover has one of the (if not THE) most comfortable fitting softball pants in the market due to our roomy, relaxed fit, open-bottom pant style, our high-quality elastic waistband, our dual-button cross-over snap with extended zipper, and strategically placed belt and tunnel loops.

  • Relaxed Fit: Our pants have a roomy, comfortable fit through the thighs and seat. (Baggy but not saggy…)
  • Open-Bottom Style: Rover’s pants are hemmed to go down over your turfs and cleats.
  • Highest Quality Elastic “no-roll” waistband available: it’s longer lasting, and holds better.
  • “No Rub” Flat Seams: Sewn so that you don’t have to feel the seams every time you move.
  • Cross-Over Snaps: Dual snaps on a cross-over flap, add to a comfortable fit and prevent “gut rollover”.
  • Belt Loops and Tunnel Loops: three tunnel loops and front single loops keep your belt where it should be.
  • Sized Right: These are sized to your waist in inches — not vaguely sized in Small, Medium, etc.
  • Long or Longer: Rover stocks up to 37″ lengths (longer in custom) — so no “high-waters”.
Rover’s Black Label™ Top Quality Softball Pants

Rover makes our pants in America — because you get a flat-out, higher quality pant that way. Yes – it’s cheaper to make softball pants or shirts in China or Vietnam or some other third world country – but cheaper is rarely better. At Rover, we don’t believe in compromise. So we won’t put out an inferior product, period. These pants are durable, made-to-last from Professional Grade materials identical to those used in MLB. That’s why the Black Labels are known for:

  • Rover Guarantees that the workmanship is solid or we’ll replace your pants.
  • Made in the United States: Carefully crafted by hand in Texas
  • Dual Pockets: All the Black Labels come with two pockets in the back.
  • Double-Sewn for strength: All seams are over-lock sewn, double-needle reinforced, cover-stitched.
  • Gusseted Crotch: Double-needle, cover-stitched, double-barred. We dare you to try to rip out a crotch.
  • Extended Zipper: most companies cut costs with a 7″ zipper, Black Label pants have a 9″ zipper.
Rover’s Black Label™
Professional Performance Softball Pants

Rover built the Black Label series with Performance in mind. Every little detail from the Full Knee, to the Ventilated Crotch, to the Lacing Eyelets was considered and perfected.

  • Super-Heavyweight Fabric: the optimal mix of Professional Durability and Breathability
  • No Shrink Sizing: Our performance poly will maintain size — not shrinkwrap to your thighs after a wash
  • Full Knee Protection: Most pants have a limited 18-in double knee, our double-knees go mid-thigh to hem.
  • Ventilated Crotch: Each Black Label has extra breathability built-in with “ventilation ports” in the crotch
  • Lacing Eyelets: Lace your pants down onto your turfs, so they stay down even when sliding.

Compare Pant Series

Rover Pant Series

Comparing “Rover’s Black Label” and “Rover Sport” Pant Series


Rover’s Black Label™ Pant is considered by many softball players to be the Premier Pant on the market today. While
Rover has certainly been copied by most every competitor out there, we’ve yet to see any pant truly up to our standards, and frankly, there are a lot softball pants out there, that don’t even come close to our Black Label softball pants.

But NOW, there is a LESS EXPENSIVE pant available, that achieves the high standard that Rover stands for… Introducing Rover Sport — An exceptional softball pant for players on a tighter budget. We made some minimal modifications to save some cost — and still ended up with a softball pant that is better than most on the market.

Rover Custom-Style Softball Pants are considered by many players to be the Best Softball Pants on the market today. Compare for yourself.

So what are the differences between the Black Label series and the Rover Sport styles?

Both pant series are durable, carefully constucted using super heavyweight, made-to-last, Professional Grade material and fabrics identical to those used in MLB. Both pant series are made in our manufacturing plant, right here in the United States, and double-sewn pretty much everywhere for strength. Both pant series feature:

  • All seams are over-lock sewn, double-needle reinforced, cover-stitched
  • Double-sewn tunnel loops with triple bar tacking
  • Double Sewn Dual Belt loops with double bar tacking
  • Fly seams double-needle reinforced, cover-stitched, double bar tacked
  • Crotch seams double-needle reinforced, cover-stitched, double bar tacked
  • Each pant has a full Double-Knee from Thigh to hem (most pants stop at mid-shin)
  • Each pant has two pockets, set in to the rear of the pant.

The detailing is exceptional from the finished hems to the no-roll heavy-duty waistband. And we Guarantee that the workmanship on ALL OF OUR PANTS is solid or we’ll replace your pants.


Beyond the above, we come to Four Main Distinctions:

1. Change in Zipper: The Black Label pant has an extended 9″ zipper and cross-snap setup that increases the strength and durability of your pant and provides for a consistently comfortable fit by reducing “rollover” at the waistband. The cross-snap maintains fit and lengthens your pant life. The Rover Sport series has a more standard 7″ zipper and linear snap setups — similar to the majority of softball pants on the market.

2. No Pocket Flaps: The Black Label pants have a number of Pocket Style options, not available in the Rover Sport series, such as Contrasting or Matching Pocket Flaps, Contrasting Pocket Welts, and Trimmed or tricked out pocket details with braid options.

3.Non-Ventilated Crotch: The Black Label pants all have not only the gusseted crotch for comfort, but a set of ventilation ports for increased airflow. The Rover Sport pants maintain the strength and comfort features, but do not have the added ventilation ports.

4. No Eyelet Options at the Hem: Black Label softball pants offer players an added protection from your pant leg riding up when sliding, through eyelets at the front of Black Label pants. These eyeholes allow a player to thread his laces through the pant to keep it down on his turfs or cleats. Rover Sport models do not have this feature.


What if I want to return this item?

For the majority of our products — our Return Policy is very simple: No problem! You can return any stock item for a 100% refund or a size exchange (in new, unused condition) at any time within 30 days of purchase. You don’t even need a reason — but we ask that you put a note with your return to let us know what you want us to do. However, if you do have a reason, we find it helpful so that we can prevent any concerns going forward. Unlike many other softball companies, Rover does not charge a “restocking fee” or a return charge. You will only be responsible for shipping costs.

“Are there items that CANNOT be returned?”

Yes — customized, “Make my Size” or made-to-order items cannot be returned since they were created specifically to your request. This includes custom-created softball pants, inseams cut to your size, special order waists — under 32″ or above 44″, custom team jerseys, customized sidebraid pants, and other made-to-order softball gear.

GUARANTEE: If you receive ANY ITEM from Rover with a defect in the manufacturing or a quality problem — we will ALWAYS take it back to repair or replace it for you.

If you are concerned about whether an item can be exchanged or returned, most of our softball products will note that on the product page — or you can simply send Rover an email or telephone 817.562.5300.

Returns can be sent to:
Rover Plus Nine Softball, Attn: RETURNS,3701 North Beach Street, Fort Worth TX 76137.

Do you have questions? Please contact us via email or telephone at 817.562.5300. Thanks!