Youth Athletes

Youth Jerseys

Our jerseys are made in unisex sizes. We also give you the option to change to a v-neck collar. Racerback jerseys are available if you prefer a female cut. Additionally, we give you the power to customize the jersey design. For instance, you can remove design elements, like skulls, and replace them with an image that reflects your team.  If you are looking to create a custom design for your team, call us at 817.562.5300.

Youth Packages

We have a variety of custom team packages for your Youth Baseball or Softball Team. We also know that sometimes one size doesn’t fit all. So we give you the power to create your own package. Tell us what you want and we will put together a custom package and quote for your team.


We have a variety of pant options available for your team. Depending on the specific details of your team and players options may vary. To learn more about the Rover’s youth pants, please call us at 817.562.5300.


All of our full dye hoodie designs are available in youth sizes. We can also make a hoodie to match any of our jerseys or design a completely custom hoodie for your team.


As a dealer for Pacific Headwear, we offer a lot of hat options for your team! You can use Pacific Headwear’s cap-builder to design your hat and submit it to us for a quote.

Current Production Times

Full Dye Jerseys...................approx. 3 weeks
Full Dye Hoodies...................approx. 4 weeks
Pants (depending on style)................... approx. 3-4 weeks
**In stock styles ship within 1-2 business days**
Shorts...................approx. 3 weeks
Hats...................approx. 4 weeks
Please note that current production times are approximations. Deadlines are not guaranteed unless you are using our paid Rush Service. Please contact Rover Plus Nine at 817.562.5300 for more details.